All of the following puzzles have been sold, but we wanted you to see them, to know what we can do. If any of these appeal to you we can make more that are similar. We cannot exactly duplicate any of our art as it is all hand made and impossible to do. But we can and will make a comparable one in your colors should you ask us to. So, just because these are gone, doesn't mean they are beyond reach!

$170 ~ A Star is born

Shown here with the lined frame. A beautiful nine pointed geometric rendition of a star being created.

Approximately 11"x11" complete.

$170 ~ Lizard Dreaming

A Pueblo design.

$200 ~ Dragon's Dawn

Custom made as a gift for a partner,  I put the Chinese characters around the frame as a personal message of love and respect. This is a very tailored puzzle, with a specific recipient in mind. It was fun to do.

Approximately 13"x11"

$200 ~ Acid Rain Dragon

Burned, carved and painted.

Approximately 11.5" square

$225 ~ Eternal Combat

The age old battle of good against evil. The balance must be kept

Carve, burned and hand painted.

Approximately 11.5" Square

Coyote Red and Coyote Blue

A bit of whimsy. I painted these guys to be in the high mountain desert of the New Mexican Southwest. They have all the trimmings; flowering cactus, mesas, beautiful sunset and bandanas wrapped around their necks.

Approximately 8"x10"

$85.00 2


  • Sold Out

$225 ~ Dragons' Passion

This was a custom order which I totally enjoyed creating. I had several conversations with the customer and really listened to what she wanted. This was the final result. She wanted pastel dragons with rainbows, with a  bit of royal color in the dragons. Notice how the rainbow builds from the inside out, up to and including the dragons bodies themselves.

The dimensions are approximately 13.5"x 13" with over 160 very small pieces.

$225 ~ Butterfly RUNE Lake

A custom order. The customer had so many new things in her life she wanted something that would reflect all of them. Notice that the body of the butterfly is actually a RUNE that means New Beginnings. Butterflies represent the same thing, as do water and flowers.

Approximately 14" square With over 160 very small pieces.

The following six puzzles were custom ordered by a couple who had been to Africa and wanted to give African Animal puzzles to their nieces and nephews.  I had such a good time with these. The prices vary according to what the customer wants, how big, how much detail and so on.  These are all (with the exception of MR Cheetah, about 11" square.  MR Cheetah is 11"x 8".

$65 ~ Joy of Life RUNE

7"x9" over 65 very small pieces

Custom order. The customer is a joyful being and wanted a rune depicting joy. She wanted rainbows, flowers and hummingbirds. I designed this one for her. The rune is a Magic Symbol and is most often seen in black and white. I chose to put a rainbow in one side and fill the other side with sunshine. There are two pairs of hummingbirds and lots of flowers. It makes me smile just to look at it!

$45 ~ New Beginnings RUNE

A gift for a man who had just graduated from college and was embarking on a new chapter in his life. The RUNE celebrates his achievement and his new beginnings!

Approximately 7"x9" and 65+ very small pieces.

$65 ~ Perseverance Rune

An African Rune which symbolizes perseverance and strength.

Approximately 7"x9" and over 80 small pieces.

A custom order from a woman for the sister of her heart. She said her sister was one of the toughest people she knows, that she never gives up, that she personifies perseverance. She also told me that her friend was everything summer. So I designed this for her with fancy hummingbirds, and lots of summer flowers and colors. 

$65 ~ Moonlight Magic

The mystery and magic of the Unicorn. His body is filled with stars and his mane and tail are made of the Milky Way.

Approximately 7"x9" With over 60 very small pieces

$170 ~ Red and Black Sunburst

Approximately 12" square 

Gardens of My Heart

7" x 9"  Fixed in place work of art.

"In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love" and let its golden glow flow outward to illuminate the world. Be the candle in the dark.

$65.00 2


  • 1.5 lb
  • Sold Out


7" x 9" a functional puzzle and a work of art.

In a galaxy, far far away there was a dream. Dare to go there, to reach for the dream.

$65.00 2


  • 1.5 lb
  • Sold Out

Doing Hummingbird Things

Approximately 7" x 9". A fixed in place puzzled work of art. A ruby throated green humming bird with a beautiful purple morning glory. Makes an eye-catching display.

hummer/morning glory
$80.00 2


  • 1.5 lb
  • Sold Out

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