Octagon Shelves - A Puzzle in Themselves

We do not keep these in stock, as we make them on an as "ordered" basis. Contact us to discuss how many you would like to purchase. Please allow up to 6 weeks for construction. We offer a 10% discount if you order two or more at the same time. We will also give a discount for referrals. I grew up with these in my house. They are unique and beautiful. Order yours today!

Octagon Shelves

A puzzle in itself. We use no nails or glue to hold this together. It is done entirely with the way the pieces fit together. We will ship it to you already assembled.


The dimensions are:

Top to Bottom - 22"

Side To Side - 22"

Long shelves - 12"

Short shelves - 7.25"

Depth - 4"


Each one is a work art and takes hours and hours to create. My father designed the original pattern and now my husband creates them. A very unique and original way to display your treasures. I use mine to show off my pewter dragon collection. One woman uses hers to display her New Mexico Mission miniature collection.


We are working to make even more varieties of these: Perhaps some made from colored Plexiglas, for use in a humid bathroom or a child's room? We are also working to make different sizes. Check back often to see what our latest rendition is!


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