Keepsakes and Custom Orders

Please allow up to 6 weeks for the creation of your keepsake. Chances are very good that we can have it done in much less time, but 6 weeks gives a buffer. The more information you share with us the more accurate your completed work of art will be. We work from photographs, from ideas, from thoughts, from dreams. We make Military Keepsakes - you tell us what you want on them. Family photos - what is a family, if not a puzzle? These will come puzzled but "fixed in place"  for easier display, unless you tell us otherwise. Please please allow enough time to have your work of art completed and to you by the date you need to have it. I cannot stress this enough. With the Holidays coming up, spend a bit of time deciding now what you would like to gift to those special people in your life. Get your order in early and save the last minute rush of shopping.

Custom orders need to be paid for at the time the work is commissioned unless other arrangements have been made ~ Talk to us.



Approximately 7" x 9"

We make puzzles out of your favorite photo. This one is Abbie, the best friend of a woman in Texas. We can use almost any photo. You can email it to me.

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      Below is a slide show of some of the Custom Art we have created. One of my favorites is the Personal Scrabble. I asked for a list of words that would describe the recipient of the art. With those words I created a Scrabble Board. A very unique gift! I can use single photos, or a group of them and make a collage; I add in elements that make it unique to you, such as the Arkansas Razorbacks running in the center of the Arkansas Grandchildren puzzle. The grandmother also loves gardens and flowers, so some of those were included as well. We can make these as personal as you want. 

      The sizes of these vary from 7" x 9" to 14" square. The prices are from $85 to $250 but . . . the PRICES will vary from puzzle to puzzle depending on the amount of detail you want and the actual size. If you have a memory  or an idea you would like to have made into a custom keepsake, talk to me!

We make Military plaques commemorating and honoring the service and sacrifice of our veterans. Tell me what you want it to have and I will do my best to create it for you. These make great gifts that show how much you appreciate the service of our great men and women of the military. These list for $85. Start a conversation about these. Contact us today.

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