A small sample of our art. From RUNES to Native American Symbols to Geometrics to Dragons and the World!
A small sample of our art. From RUNES to Native American Symbols to Geometrics to Dragons and the World!

About Our Art

Our art covers a wide spectrum of subjects, and all of them are about magic, in one form or another. The Native American symbols portray a mythology of beliefs; the magic of Mother Earth. The Dragons are powerful, beautiful, otherworldly, magical creatures. The RUNE series carries a strong sense of belief: once they were believed to convey or create magic – maybe they still do? The Children’s puzzles reawaken the magic of play and fun and the mystery of childhood. The landscapes display the magic of the earth. There is a pervasive sense of spirit and of the spiritual within our creations.

Some were made to be used as desk top tools – Cogitators – to help you solve problems. Some were made to remind you of the magic that is life or to help someone you care about know that they are recognized and valued. Our art varies from fixed in place art that has been “puzzled” but has been permanently fixed in place to “Functional” puzzles which can be taken apart and put back together with varying degrees of difficulty.The fixed in place art can displayed upright with no fear of the pieces falling out. The reasons we created all of them are many and varied but ALL are made with love, a sense of wonder and a pure enjoyment in the creating. We hope you get much pleasure from them now, and over the years, in whichever form you choose. We completely enjoy the process and the finished works of art are a reflection of that.

We do CUSTOM work, so if there is a subject or a color that you want, all you have to do is talk to us. We will work with you to help make your dreams visual.  The CUSTOM work that we have done has been especially satisfying to us as artists. The Military Plaques that commemorate a Tour of Duty, show a sense of pride. The Photos that we have made into Puzzles are Keepsakes forever. We can create a puzzle from your thoughts, dreams and ideas.


              Plant an idea in our garden and watch it grow into an incredible work of art!



To cogitate, to ruminate, to ponder, to figure something out. Have you ever known that you knew something, such as a solution to a pressing problem, but could not, for the life of you remember it? Well, as you know, if you can get away from the situation, the answer usually comes to you. Cogitators provide that space that you need to get away. They are difficult enough to require your attention but not so hard as to require the attention of your subconscious which is then able to solve your problem. An attractive desktop tool, it is also something that is quite unique. What do you get for the person who has everything? A cogitator!

Hand made by: Bobbie and David Nothwang at The Carpenter’s Gardens




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